The Health Benefits of Swimming

health benefits of swimmingLooking for an interesting but healthy sport to begin this year? I would personally suggest swimming for the many benefits it brings. Not only is it perfect for the warm summer days, it is actually something you can do the whole year round. After all, indoor pools (some are heated as well!) are open all year round, and with a yearly subscription, it is not too expensive. At the same time, it is one of the most strenuous exercises out there, even when it does not feel like it.

I started my love for the sport when I signed up for top swimming classes in Melbourne. I wanted to finally be able to improve my stroke and I was on the search for an activity where I also get to work out. As I researched about the benefits of going for a swim, I was surprised to discover there are many:

Get a Full Workout

When you go to the gym, you have to do a few exercises or try various machines in order to train your different muscles. On the other hand, swimming is like a full aerobic workout all at the same time. Even better, it does not have as harsh an impact on your skeletal system, because you become lighter the second you go into the water. In fact, when you are underwater all the way to the neck, you are just carrying 10 percent of your weight! This is good news for those who bear excess kilos or suffer from arthritis and find a normal gym routine too tough.

Moreover, arthritis sufferers will find swimming the ultimate sport, because it stretches and strengthen muscles, and gives you an aerobic workout. This is possible even just after a few laps in the pool. When the water is heated, the warmth can also loosen joints that are stiff. Therefore, this is recommended as well for those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Increase Your Muscle Tone and Strength

When you are practicing your strokes, it is like resistance exercise, because of the higher density of water compared to air. And like other resistance exercises, you can very easily achieve better muscle tone and strength. At the same time, it has been proven to bring an improvement in bone strength, a plus for post-menopausal women.

Improve Your Flexibility

Most machines in your gym will only work on one body part at a time. On the other hand, swimming involves a broad range of motion which helps loosen joints and ligaments. With every stroke, your arms, hips, legs, head, and spine are all moving, giving them all a workout. As you also glide through the water, you end up stretching your entire body. This will impact your flexibility in the long run.

Manage Your Weight

In the past, the belief was that any water exercise or sport will not lead to weight loss, because of the cooler temperatures of the pool. But nowadays, this has been reversed. In fact, swimming is now acknowledged to be a great way to burn calories and manage weight.

The number of calories burned depends on the intensity of the exercise and your body. Generally, you burn 60 calories of 10 minutes of the breaststroke, 80 for backstroke, 100 with freestyle and 150 calories burned when you practice the butterfly stroke.

Improve Your Cholesterol Levels

The aerobic power of swimming raises your HDL levels, or what is easily called “good” cholesterol. For every point increase in these levels, you lower your risk of dying from heart disease by 3.5%. 

Moreover, research has proven that aerobic exercise keeps the endothelium in great shape. This is the thin layer of cells lining the arteries. As we age, it becomes less flexible. However, those in their 60s who exercise regularly were found to have equivalent endothelium function of those 30 or 40 years younger. 

Lower Your Risk of Diabetes

Men reduce their risk of getting diabetes by 6% with every 500 calories burned. For us women, it is even higher. With just one vigorous exercise weekly, we lower the risk by 16% compared to those who are inactive.

Additionally, if you are already suffering from Type 1 diabetes, swimming can increase your insulin sensitivity. 

Feel Better and Lower Stress Levels

When you swim, your body releases endorphins, or those chemicals that make us feel good. At the same time, it brings out a relaxation response similar to yoga. This is mostly because of the rhythmic breathing, as well as the stretching and relaxing of the muscles. Lastly, concentrating on the sound of the water and your own breathing helps you clear your mind too.

These benefits can surely encourage anyone to sign up for that swim class as soon as possible. You can easily get hooked on the feeling of being in the water, and how great you feel after each session, just what like I am enjoying right now. 

In conclusion, swimming is not only a pleasant and enjoyable exercise, it too can prevent a number of health problems. 

10 Activities to Help You Stay Fit During Winter Time

winter fitnessEveryone knows that the key to optimum health is a combination of optimum nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest and sleep, healthy lifestyle, and superb stress management. And these should be maintained the whole year round even in the freezing cold of winter. Unfortunately, it may be quite challenging to drag one’s butt off the bed and haul oneself outside where it’s cold and dark. Remember, the more you stay in bed especially during the winter months, the greater is the chance that your muscles will lose their tone. Poor muscle tone leads to poor metabolism. This can then turn to other metabolic problems.

Fortunately, there are some things that you can do in the winter to maintain physical fitness. Here are the top 10 things you can do to stay fit during winter.

  1. Amp Your Household Chores 

Did you know that cleaning the inside and outside of your windows for about half an hour can literally help you burn 100 calories? Now, take it up a notch further by putting resistance weights on your hands while cleaning and you can be on your way to developing those upper limb muscles while keeping you fit. Even mundane everyday tasks such as washing the car, doing the laundry, and vacuuming your place can help those muscles stay well-toned as they are constantly used. The key however is for you to modify your ordinary household chore a bit so that it becomes a workout.

  1. Work the Stairs 

Did you know that climbing stairs is more effective than jogging in burning more calories per minute? In fact, serious stair climbing is recognized as a form of vigorous exercise. If your house doesn’t have stairs, there are plenty of public places that have stairs or even steps.

  1. Walk or Hike 

Sure it is cold out there but you don’t need to be outside to walk. There are covered buildings that you can walk several miles on. If you live in an apartment complex that has a basement parking, you can literally walk in circles in the whole parking area. Or, better yet, take the whole family to a shopping mall, let them help themselves, and you walk all the levels of the mall at a hurried pace. Mall walking can have tremendous benefits. That should keep your heart pumping and getting you fit as endorphins are released from the brain, helping you feel a lot better about yourself. If you have warmed enough, try walking outside. The resistance of walking on powder should also help you stay in better shape.

  1. Jog or Run 

Just like in walking or hiking, you can also jog or run around your apartment’s parking area or any other covered area if you clearly don’t want to run outside. In cases where you want to run outside, there are plenty of areas that you can go to. However, do heed caution as there may be dangers lurking everywhere.

  1. Go Ice Skating

If you haven’t tried ice skating yet, now might be the best time to learn how. If you have tried roller skating or roller blading before, it is basically the same stuff. The only difference is that you will be wearing ice skates. Nevertheless, this teaches you balance and coordination as well as strengthening your leg and foot muscles. In fact, studies show that skating backwards can really work your leg muscles in a variety of ways.

  1. Take on Other Winter Sports 

Be it skiing, snowboarding, or even ice hockey, there are plenty of winter sports out there that must appeal to you. The point about staying fit during the winter time is for you to keep on moving, to keep on being active. If you dream about bobsledding, then by all means try to do so. Now is the time to take lessons on winter sports.

  1. Take on Yoga or Pilates 

Some people don’t think of yoga and Pilates to be really exercises but rather a form of relaxation. Well. They are both. While you are teaching your mind to relax, you are also stretching your muscles to their limits by subjecting them to various positions and fluid motions for extended periods of time. So while yoga is often equated with relaxation, it does have its physical benefits. The added benefit however, is greater peace of mind.

  1. Geocache with Your Family 

What better way to enjoy the winter with the family while at the same time staying healthy and fit than going on a high-tech treasure hunt? This will teach your children about their natural environment, the value of teamwork, and the importance of honing their problem-solving skills.

  1. Get Your Groove Dancing 

Ever tried Zumba? How about hip-hop or even salsa? Did you know that a 30-minute moderately-paced dance routine is equivalent to about 250 calories burned? That is about the same as jogging. Dancing is known to improve flexibility and help build stronger muscles. Additionally, dancing is a low-impact and aerobic form of exercise.

  1. Try Home Workouts 

Stuck at home? Why not put on an aerobic workout DVD and just sweat it all out right in the comfort and privacy of your own home? This could perhaps be the easiest thing for you to do. It is like being enrolled in a real aerobics class only you are following the instructions on your TV.

There are other ways in which you can stay fit during the winter time. The important thing to remember is to always keep on moving so those muscles will not weaken from disuse and that your energy is always up.

3 Steps to Choosing the Best Hair Colouring for You

hair colouringIt has always been said that that hair is the crowning glory of any man. And while some individuals are follically-challenged, some would go to great lengths to give their locks of hair a good splash of colour. In fact, more and more individuals today seek hair colouring treatments from expert hair salons such as Rakis on Collins in Melbourne. However, you should really plan your hair colouring endeavours so that you can reap the full benefits of hair colouring treatments. Otherwise, you will simply be wasting your money on a hair colour that you will regret.

Here are three steps you have to perform when you do want to have your hair coloured.

Always Check Your Skin Tone First

The very first thing you have to do is to look at your skin tone because this is the foundation for your hair colour. As much as possible you would like your hair colour to complement the tone of your skin. What you need to do is to stand outside where there is bright natural light and try to examine the veins on the back of your hands or even on your wrist. Take note of the colour of your veins. A bluish hue means you have a cool skin tone while a greenish hue will convey warm tones. As a general rule, your hair colour must complement your skin tone. If you require a more dramatic hair, choose a hair colour that creates a strong contrast to your skin tone.

Check Your Eye Colour Next

Once you have determined your skin tone, you then look at your eyes and determine the colour of your iris. Why would you want to check your eye colour? It turns out, the colour of your eyes defines your facial features, especially your hair. As a general rule, your choice of hair colour should be of the same tonality as the colour or hue of your eyes. As such, if you have hazel or brown eyes, then go for hair colour of darker shades like chocolate brown or even espresso brown. If your eyes are coloured grey or blue, then go for hair colours that are generally considered as cool tones like ash or light gold. Here’s a tip: if you want to have a more naturally-looking hair and overall elegance, choose hair colour that has almost the same tonality as your eye colour.

Combine the Two to Choose Your Hair Colour

Now, combine your knowledge of your skin tone and eye colour to decide on the best possible hair colour for you. Remember the general rule of colour combination and harmony. You want loud and dramatic effects? Go for the direct opposites. If you require subtlety and refinement, go for complementary colours and hues. Don’t forget this is also true for the tone of both the skin and the eyes.

Here are four hair colours you might want to give a try.

  • Brown – Brown is an excellent choice if you require low maintenance hair colour. It is also perfect for damaged hair as it reflects light quite well to minimize hair breakages. For light-skinned individuals red tones as well as medium brown will look good while auburn or caramel will work best on brown-skinned individuals. For dark-skinned individuals, darker browns will look best.
  • Red – Red is a little bit trickier to work with and is often dependent on your skin tone. Since it is generally a warm colour, you have to be especially vigilant of its complementary hues. For light-skinned individuals, they can choose a copper red or strawberry blonde or any light shade of red. For brown-skinned individuals, auburn or medium copper will look great while for dark-skinned individuals, chestnut brown or medium auburn should look great.
  • Blonde – Excellent for individuals with light or medium skin tone, blonde is nevertheless quite expensive to maintain especially if your natural hair colour is not blonde. For light-skinned individuals, light or golden blonde will look best while brown- or medium-skinned individuals will look better with beige. For dark-skinned people, caramel may be a good option.
  • Black – Excellent for medium and dark skin tones, black is one of elegance, beauty, and drama. For dark-skinned individuals, go for jet black hair colour while individuals with medium skin tone may go for dark brown or something near black. For light-skinned individuals, dark brown or a brownish shade may work best.

The choice of your hair colour must take these two into consideration – your skin tone and your eye colour. These forms the foundation of your hair colour choice. As a result, you get a perfect overall appearance.

How Do Weight-Loss Supplement Work?

health supplementsOver the years, there had been numerous advertisements on TV and online about supplements that help with weight loss. In recent years, there are a number of weight-loss supplements that have been gaining attention and popularity. There are also program and diet plans that involve the use of certain supplements. Undeniably, there has been a continuous clamor for supplements that can help people to significantly reduce their weight. If you’re one of them, you’ll surely highly consider taking weight-loss supplement.

What are Weight-Loss Supplements?

There are certain foods such as green tea that can be considered as supplement for weight loss. Others consider pineapple juice and herbal teas as weight-loss supplements. But technically, weight-loss supplement refers to any tablet, capsule or pill that contains formulation of chemical or herbal ingredients that targets appetite and metabolism.

Commonly called thermogenic aids, supplements for weight-loss are designed to help you lose appetite and, thus, help you to take fewer calories because you eat less of foods. Another function of the supplement is to increase your metabolism so you burn more calories. In these ways, the supplement effectively works in helping you lose a significant amount of weight over time. You may contact Essential Health Foods for samples of the best weight-loss supplements.

How Do Weight-Loss Supplements Work?

Many weight-loss supplements today are able to help people lose weight because of the ingredients they contain. With these ingredients, the supplement is able to succeed in helping the user lose appetite and increase metabolism. Below are some of the most common and known to be effective ingredients in making supplements work.

  • Niacin (Vitamin B12) – It is present in supplements in big doses. Many claims that it is not only effective in promoting general well-being and lessening the effects of certain medical conditions. It is also known to help people in losing weight through its effect of increasing metabolism.
  • Bioperine – It is an extract of black pepper that is known to increase the transport of active nutrients, to increase the gut’s emulsifying content, and to increase the supply of blood to the GI tract. These allow for better metabolism and, thus, aid in the reduction of weight.
  • Caffeine – It is a substance commonly found in coffee and tea. It is part of many weight-loss supplements because it is known to support the increase of both lipolysis and thermogenesis. Lipolysis is the breakdown of fat while thermogenesis is the metabolism’s boost in burning calories.  
  • Hoodia – It is a plant that resembles a cactus and is known to help in suppressing appetite.
  • Guar gum – It is known to help people feel full even when they consume a small amount of meal. In addition, the ingredient is also helps in blocking fat absorption.
  • Bitter orange – It contains chemicals that help in the temporary suppression of appetite. It also helps in increasing the number of calories that you can burn.

 With the different ingredients listed above, weight-loss supplements become effective in helping people lose weight in significant amounts. However, not all supplements contain all of ingredients above. Each supplement has its own formulation, which means also that it may have the same ingredient that others have but in different amount.

How to Succeed in Losing Weight?

Though supplements are effective in increasing one’s rate of metabolism and in suppressing the appetite or urge to eat lots of foods, they can be more effective when certain advices and recommendations from dietitians and doctors are considered and implemented as well.

  • To achieve results at a faster rate, you also need to follow regular sessions of workout. You may exercise for 15 to 20 minutes five days a week. There are workout routines that target specific parts of the body, so research about it. Usually push ups and sit ups are good workout routines because they involve the whole body. Swimming is also a great exercise. Doing exercise regularly can complement the supplement in increasing your metabolism and, thus, burn far more calories.
  • Follow a balanced and healthy diet. The weight-loss supplement may be effective in increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite, but it won’t work in reducing your weight if you keep on eating foods that have high fat content. So, avoid eating junk foods, fast food meals, and others that are not really healthy. AS much as possible, eat raw and organic foods such as nuts, root crops, fresh fruits and vegetables, and others.

With the ingredients of weight-loss supplements and proper diet and exercise, you’ll surely achieve your desired results. You can effectively lose weight in the time
frame you have set. 

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5 Important Things You Should Consider Before Getting Dental Braces

dental care 3Getting braces on the teeth was once considered as one of the geekiest accessories that people who really need it and decide not to get it. Now, having braces is ‘cute’, thanks to various styles coming out in the market. And a lot of people of different ages are thinking of getting one even if they really don’t need it.

You might want to have dental braces fitted on your teeth because you think you’ve got some problem. But professional orthodontists don’t give in to their prospective patients’ request just like that. And it’s not as simple as you first thought.

So before you go for that preliminary check-up, here are some things you should know about dental brackets.

Orthodontics is Not Just About Straightening Teeth

Orthodontists are just like dentists. They just have more specialized responsibilities. For example, they inspect for issues like jaw problems (clicking or hurting), teeth crowding and / or gaps, bite (over or under) concerns, overall gum and tongue health and so many more. Orthodontists have gone through extensive studies from pre-dentistry to their field of specialization. What makes them different from a general practitioner is that they are licensed to install dental braces to patients who need it.

All those are taken into consideration before the specialist even starts gluing those tiny metal blocks on each of your tooth. Even the way you speak and breathe will be observed because that, and all those mentioned above, is the basis of the treatment procedure.

It’s Really Painful

Having it installed is one of the most excruciating kinds of pain you will ever experience. You wouldn’t be able to move your mouth a week or two after it was fitted in. The touch of a spoon to your teeth will make a body builder cry. So make sure you need it. What’s the point of going through all that pain for your shallow wants? Take note that the pain is only temporary. During this period, soft diet is required because chewing hard-textured food is impossible.

It’s Quite Costly

We’re not going to tell you that you can find clinics out there which offer orthodontic services at a surprisingly low price. If you did, be very afraid. It could be a sure scam. Why? Because professionals admit that braces are really expensive. Depending on the gravity of your teeth’s situation, you might get to spend $3,000 to $7,000. If dental braces is not a need, then the orthodontist would say so. And if in case, you are candidate for such procedure, then paying for this is a worthy investment.

Aftercare is Required

Having braces doesn’t stop there. It comes with a great deal of responsibility. Actually, the emergence of pain right after installation is already an indication that you should start doing your homework – that is practicing correct aftercare measures. Your responsibilities include, brushing the teeth with an orthodontics toothbrush, selecting chewable food and eating healthily and more importantly, visiting your dentist regularly for brackets adjustments and check-up.

Ask the Right Questions During Consultations

Because the actual treatment process is expensive, initial consultations are free. Take advantage of that and ask questions which matter: How long will you have it? Will retainers be free? How is the payment method? Ask the most questions you can during the initial consultation so that you can prepare yourself fully before the procedure takes place. Don’t be shy to ask questions because they are the pros and you’re not. Think of it in this manner: you’re auditioning for them. And it’s important that you do because it’s your money and your teeth’s health.

For those who deem it necessary, it takes six months to over a year for complete treatment to take place. Dental braces function as a way to straighten up or set the teeth into their correct position. While dental braces have become a popular mode treatment for many decades now, there are also other modernised procedures that address issues of misaligned tooth or missing tooth. Examples to these are dental implants, crown or jackets. For those who opt for quality dental implants, top Melbourne dental implants clinic is there to rely on. And for those who decide to acquire dental braces, consulting with a licensed orthodontist is the best thing to do.

7 Smart Holiday Survival Tips For Vegans

Being vegan might be rough around the holiday season. Holiday parties in Australia, Canada, Asia, Britain and particularly the United States aren’t always conducive to a vegan, or even vegetarian, lifestyle. It’s possible for you to make it through though, without falling prey to the delicious creature-based foods and deserts that appear to be. Recall these 7 bright vacation advice for vegans, and you’ll likely even convert several friends or relatives to your lifestyle.

1 Sponsor Your Own Holiday Celebration – The greatest method to make sure you stick to your vegan beliefs would be to throw your own holiday fete at home. You most likely have a lot of family and friends that will like to let you do all the cleaning. This provides you with an opportunity to deceive some meat-eaters with Tofurky, and also you reap the benefits of not needing to drive a long distance after overindulging.

2 BYOV – You could constantly Bring Your Own Vegan. That is correct, why don’t you only cook side dishes and a couple of entrees you’d love eating and take them to your vacation get together.

3 Dine Out – There’s totally nothing wrong with loving a holiday meal at your favourite vegan-friendly eatery. There isn’t any messy clean-up for you to cope with later, and you may tag along some friends and attempt something vegan.

4 Throw Down the Gauntlet – Do you have family and friends who love exploring nature? Why not interest them with a vegan challenge. Meat-eaters understand the dangers of a regular meat-based diet. Challenge your family as well as your daring buddies to relish a totally meatless vacation. The end result could possibly lead to helping someone you love, live a much more healthy lifestyle.

5 Be Creative – Get online and begin to seek creative vegan options for a vacation getaway. All of a sudden, egg nog becomes “veg nogg”, and you’ll be able to locate stuffing recipes which are equally as delightful as the standard varieties. You might even find yourself creating yummy dishes like gravy and mashed potatoes which sticks well with your vegan mindset.

6 Be Considerate – The holidays are a time to spend with the people you love. It’s possible for you to stick to your own personal vegan beliefs without making them feel like an outsider, should you host a vacation vegan party.

7 Make the Calorie Count – Why don’t you put a label, graph or a nutritional information card to any vegan dish you serve during the holiday party? Meat lovers are equally as worried as vegans about their calories. Thus, these nutritional guide can be of a great help. When they see how healthy and delicious vegan dishes are, they might consider changing their taste buds from all-meat to all-veggies. From here, the vegan culture begins.

The Benefits of Spa Water Treatment

2015_03_march_lifestyle_uniquespa-previewHot tub hot tub water treatment has for ages been regarded as advantageous for our health. Egyptians used hot tubs to invoke relaxation and alleviate pain as early as 2000 B.C. In Ancient Greece natural hot springs were used by them as hospitals. Medical research suggests that hot tub treatment does supply health benefits that are effectual and safe, so these early cultures actually were on to something.

Reduce anxiety and sleep better

Hot Tub water treatment will allow you to relax, emotionally as well as physically. Encourage your relatives and buddies over while the hot tub’s jets give you all a relaxing massage and have a chilled out chat.

How about getting reflexology massage in your house? Simply put your feet in front of the jets in your drop tub. Your feet feature a large number of nerve endings, and exciting them can help enhance your general well being and disposition.

You need to get in the hot tub prior to going to bed to sleep more soundly in the event you are having trouble sleeping. The hot water will relax your body as well as the upsurge in body temperature can help you fall asleep faster. Whereas the water in your hot tub remains warm on a regular basis in case you just have a soak in a regular bath tub, the water will slowly cool down.

Joyful heart and joints

All of us understand that having a high blood pressure is not good, and although lots of us need to get better at exercising doing this can frequently increase our blood pressure as well as outside heart rate. Jacuzzi hot tub water treatment will increase your heart rate to a similar degree as physical exercise but without increasing your blood pressure. Like aerobic exercise it increases your pulse and enhances blood flow, but minus the sweat and danger of high blood pressure.

The development in circulation isn’t only bad for your joints but also your heart. Individuals experiencing arthritis could actually reap the benefits of routine soaks in a bath of warm water. Freer movement encourages for the reason that it supports and reduces strain on the joints. Essential components to the wellbeing of arthritis sufferers is massage and heat, a hot tub supplies both.

No requirement for a masseuse

A dip in your Jacuzzi can do you a world of great, should you have problems with sore muscles. Obtaining a hot tub hot tub water treatment is likely to make your body release endorphins, the entire body’s natural feel good substance, also called an all-natural opiate. Not only do endorphins make you feel great, in addition they block pain, which then will allow you to relax and let your body heal from using your body in the event that you have got sore muscles, together with all of your built up tension. All without the cost of therapist or a masseuse.

Relax while enhancing your well-being

You almost certainly already understood a Jacuzzi is very good for relaxing, and since you understand about the additional health benefits, what is it that you’re looking forward to? Treat yourself now as well as relax in a hot tub!

Beauty Tips For Fairness

It’s a fact that the most amazing appearances are ruined by the dull skin. This really is simple reasoning and it is time to repair your skin that is dull as a way to stop from setting powder over your face to help it become seem fresh all time. We have summarized few measures under to manage your dull skin. Attempt the measures for ever radiant skin that pleases your attractiveness and additionally your eye.

Superiority is the interminable endowment of God. A body that is wonderful offers gratification and joy of soul. Both women and men are all that much worry about this view that is sensitive and must prepare this magnificence inquisitively. However, it’s women who have to take attention that is magnificence than guys. From a silk smooth skin tremendous appealing eyes to dazzling hair, to fine lips, all facets of the body should be kept up. A thought that is marvel gets to be significant to get the fear from all and so to remain always youthful.


Ensure that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water daily. It’s most vital part to our skin as it gets moisturize twice or thrice a day. You can even use moisturiser in the night in order for your skin stays nourished and take its own attention.


Drinking plenty of water is an excellent method to maintain the passing of your blood to the skin. That creates radiant skin is clear when you are out of the dehydration and the complexion of your colour is becoming more reasonable.

Lemon Mask:

Lemon has natural skin cleaning and bleaching properties. Utilization of lemons is recommended to remove skin tanning occurring due to sun burns. All you need to do is lightly applied in your face and squeeze the juice of a lemon. Ensure it is not getting into your eyes. It’s possible for you to wash it away after a quarter hour to receive the best results. In case you believe your skin is dry of using it you can attempt using corporate oil or honey happened.

Tamarind Pulp:

By using this Tamarind pulp, you are helped in eliminating dead cells or dead skin in your face. As the rich in antioxidants vitamins and fibre it can help in removing the dead skin. The interior portion of the skin cleans by knocking off the grime and impurities.

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